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About this game night

If we are to confront the climate crisis at scale, we will need to collaborate and coordinate across fields, neighborhoods, cultures and industries. Join us in playing the cooperative board game Energetic! where together we will learn and collaboratively build a renewable energy grid in NYC by 2035. This environmental game night is free and open to all.

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About the game: Energetic!

Energetic is a cooperative board game with the challenge to decarbonize New York City by building 16 GW of carbon-neutral energy by 2035. Through energy infrastructure scenario planning, players will learn about the technical and social complexities as well as the scale and cooperation necessary to transform the city’s energy grid. The game has received praise by the New York Times and NY1, and is being used by educators at Harvard, Vanderbilt, Brown, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and 16 public high schools across NYC.

This event is hosted by the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities and co-sponsored by the Center for Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center.