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About the event

Join us the artists and curators from the current exhibition in the James Gallery, “Portable Landscapes: Memories and Imaginaries of Refugee Modernism,” for a discussion of the themes and key questions explored throughout the exhibition. This event is free and open to the public, please RSVP here.

How has the experience of migration and displacement contributed to the exhibition artists’ practice? What are the conditions for art histories to be shared simultaneously across locations? How does this affect national stories? What constitutes refugee modernism? Could it be said that the impetus of art since WWII is refugee modernism? What is the role of artists and curators in shaping the past and present art historical narratives in the wake of new right wing nationalist tendencies?


4:00 pm: Introduction by exhibition curators Inga Lāce and Solvita Krese, Andra Silapētere and Katherine Carl.

4:20 pm: Conversation with Judy Blum Reddy and curators Inga Lāce,Solvita Krese, Andra Silapētere, and Katherine Carl.

5:30 pm: Discussion about younger Latvian art scene in New York with exhibition artists Arturs Virtmanis, Viktor Timofeev and curator and art historian Ksenia Nouril.

6:15 pm: Presentation of Boris Lurie book In Riga (2019) with participation of poet Igor Satanovsky and curator Solvita Krese.

7:00 pm: Artist talk and discussion with Karol Radziszewski about his film America is Not Ready for This, (2012).

Click here for more information about the exhibition “Portable Landscapes: Memories and Imaginaries of Refugee Modernism.

Portable Landscapes: Memories and Imaginaries of Refugee Modernism is a collaboration of The James Gallery and the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, and is generously cosponsored by the Polish Cultural Institute New York. It is supported, in part, by the Latvian Republic Culture Ministry, the Baltic American Freedom Foundation, the Polish Cultural Institute New York, and State Culture Capital Foundation.