Igor Satanovsky (b. 1969) is a bilingual Russian-American poet, editor, curator, and visual artist who arrived in the U.S. as a Soviet refugee in 1989. He’s been collaborating with Boris Lurie Art Foundation on various projects since 2010, including Boris Lurie’s exhibits at the Berlin Jewish Museum (2016), the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg (2019), and at the Kyiv Picture Gallery National Museum in Ukraine (2019). He also had his solo art show at the Zverevsky Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow (2019). Igor is Chief Editor of Novaya Kozha, a Russian-language almanac of arts and letters. He organized the New York DADA Poetry Centennial (2016), and contributed notes to A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes (by Richard Kostelanetz, Routledge, 2018).