About the working group

The City Amplified working group invites oral history practitioners, artists, archivists, and scholars to examine how radical archiving practices can amplify the rich range of oral history and place-based research projects occurring across the city. 

The project is driven by three critical questions:

1. What does radical archiving look like in practice?
2. How do oral historians and place based researchers engage with issues of reciprocity, transparency, and accessibility when we engage with a community or neighborhood? (Community is broadly defined here.)
3. And, in what ways can the City University of New York act as a space and connector for future collaborations, resources, and other forms of public engagement etc.

Led by Prithi Kanakamedala, this group brings together an exceptional range of colleagues and peers including the Laundromat Project, Interference Archive, Buscada, City Lore, South Asian American Digital Archive, Urban Democracy Lab, NYPL, American Social History Project, and others.