About the program

The Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research expands the diverse ways that the public humanities function in public life and as a public good. Made possible by the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this initiative brings together over 40 faculty, students, and–uniquely–civic, cultural, and community partners to produce and circulate research through public projects, engaged scholarship, and interdisciplinary activities at CUNY and throughout New York City.

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Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research

Working with a cohort of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and community partners, the Andrew W. Mellon Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research is an interdisciplinary platform for creative, activist, and scholarly collaboration that supports humanistic research, teaching, and activities with social justice aims. The project opens up and democratizes knowledge production, supports civic and community engagement, and connects classrooms, CUNY campuses, and the city of New York. ​

Working Groups

Organized by faculty and graduate students at The CUNY Graduate Center, Working Groups stem from our ongoing Seminars in the Humanities series. Working Groups provide the time, space, sociality, and institutional support necessary for participants to develop and implement sustained intellectual inquiry in extra-disciplinary fields.

Nuyorican Artists in the Cafe

This Nuyorican Artists in the Cafe working group is looking to document the influence of artists who have emerged from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, from its inception in 1973 and onward.

Wellcome's Mindscapes NYC Working Group

The Center for the Humanities, CUNY is hosting a Working Group for local Mindscapes partners in New York to workshop projects and collaborate over the next year.


These projects — organized by students, faculty, community partners, and staff — are developed over time using interdisciplinary research methods and innovative forms of dissemination to reach publics in and beyond the academy.