Topics of focus include Accessibility Affect / Cognition Ambassador of Technology, Art and Healthcare Archives Art Civic Tech Assistant Climate Action Lab Fellow Community College Archival Research Fellow Community Partner debt Diane di Prima Fellow Diaspora / Migration Digital Culture Digital Humanities Designer Digital Humanities Designer for Mapping Civic Engagement Digital Publics Fellow Economics / Labor Environment Faculty Co-Leader Faculty coleader Faculty Leader Fellow Fellow Type Food Justice Freshkills Park Reclaimed Lands Conference Planning Fellow Gender Health History igital Humanities Designer Keynote Speaker Legacy Fieldwork Fellow Legacy Fieldwork Fellows Literarture Literature Lost & Found Archival Research Fellow Lost & Found Archival Research Fellows Medical Humanities Moving Image Music Pedagogy Performance Poetry Poetry / Literature Poets House Special Collections Research and Writing Fellow Politics Postcolonialism Presidential Research Fellow for The James Gallery Public Humanities Fellow Public Space Race / Ethnicity Religion Research Fellow Science Sexuality Social Justice / Activism Teaching Fellow Theater Fellow Theatre Theatre Documentarian Theory / Philosophy Translation Urban Farming Urbanism / Public Space Violence / War Writer in Residence Y.E.S. Project Director Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S) Intern