About the working group

What are the theoretical and political repercussions of education outside of a traditional institution? Whether spurred on by a tidal wave of student debt, changes in technology, or new and nontraditional learning scenarios emerging from various academic disciplines, D.I.Y. education is on the rise. This series of workshop and roundtable discussions brings together artists, educators, and scholars to both discuss the history and praxis of experiments in this area, and explore the future of creative learning outside of the conventional classroom while moving beyond questions of whether these alternative spaces can produce meaningful learning. This seminar emerges out of a Spring 2013 colloquium on the same topic. Each of the participants from that colloquium, as well as other guests, will be invited to lead one of the seminar events. The topics of the seminar emerge from the spring conversation and include cost and value of education; the function of learning and degrees; hierarchies and politics of the classroom; meeting points and community formation; curricula; and other expected structures.