About the event

This discussion will connect the Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (IHEAP) in Paris, and the School for Poetic Computation in New York City, both “schools” which operate at the educational periphery. The Institute des hautes études en arts plastiques (IHEAP) is a post-graduate institute for research and experimentation in art, based in Paris. The School for Poetic Computation is organized around exploring the creative and expressive nature of computational approaches to art and design. The session will consist of a series of reciprocal presentations: beginning with introductions of the history, context and mission of each program, followed by the students’ articulation of their own practices and projects, and ending with a general discussion among the participants and audience about collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to learning and pedagogy in the arts and humanities.

Organized and moderated by Michael Mandiberg.

Cosponsored by Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program, as part of the Seminar on Extra-Institutional Education.