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This special issue of the award-winning journal Women’s Studies Quarterly (WSQ) explores the term "nonbinary" as a theoretical framework to understand resistance and liberation. Feminist theory has long focused upon the problematic aspects of binary thinking, whether in relation to the dyads of nature/culture, sex/gender, biology/culture, human/nonhuman, or the individual/collective. This special issue of WSQ reflects upon the work that the word nonbinary does in terms of unsettling the codes of gender, sexuality, race, and other categories of being and knowing, and posits how nonbinary thinking might be a way to enact a fully feminist life. Join us Fri, Dec 15, at 4pm for a virtual launch to celebrate this wonderful special issue and its contributors. The issue’s editors, Red Washburn and JV Fuqua, will be hosting a roundtable discussion with contributors from the issue Joy Ellison, Marquis Bey, and Kay Ulanday Barrett.

The full list of contributors for this special issue of WSQ: Nonbinary include the following: Tara L. Conley, Shereen Inayatulla and Andie Silva, Red Washburn and JV Fuqua, Lisa Ross, J. Logan Smilges, Lena Mattheis, Tebi Ardiles Navarro, Paulina Bravo, Fabián Fernández, Corina González-Weil, Salgu Wissmath, Omi Salas-SantaCruz, Denis E. Boyacı and Aslıhan Öğün Boyacıoğlu, Lou Rich, Beshouy Botros, C. Libby, Abby Emerson, Raagini Bora, Chris Straayer, Gizem Senturk, Susan Stryker, Kyra Gregory, Leslie Feinberg, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Joy Michael Ellison, Jack Jen Gieseking, Claudia Sofía Garriga-López, Adrians Black Varella, Natalie Erazo, Rocio Rayo, Maya von Ziegesar, Brianne Waychoff, Audacia Ray, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Dána-Ain Davis, Elvis Bakaitis, Ximena Keogh Serrano, Kay Ulanday Barrett, and Marquis Bey. Click here to per-order the issue and for more information.

This special issue and launch is dedicated to our beloved colleague, friend, and WSQ General Editor Brianne Waychoff.

Dedication to Brianne Waychoff
by Tara L. Conley

"Brianne always showed up. They supported me as a colleague when I took my first adjunct position at Bronx Community College. They invited me to present alongside them on a panel about feminist activism when I was just starting out in graduate school. They cosplayed Billy Hoyle (from White Men Can’t Jump) at a Halloween party I threw in the Bronx. Brianne was a genuine spirit who cared about building community, laughing, and making a path for others along the way. Thank you, Brianne, for being a friend, mentor, and a kick-ass Billy Hoyle! Rest easy."

Brianne Waychoff

WSQ is published by the Feminist Press with support from the Center for the Humanities and the Center for the Study of Women and Society at the CUNY Graduate Center.