About the event

Writers and graduating students from the four City University of New York MFA Programs in Creative Writing (City College, Brooklyn College, Hunter College, and Queens College) come together for readings of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction at the Graduate Center.

Please join us for a reading by Kimiko Hahn, distinguished professor in the MFA program in Creative Writing & Literary Translation at Queens College.

The MFA student readers will be: Liz Roberts (Brooklyn College), Sahar Muradi (Brooklyn College), Alexis Pope (Brooklyn College), Henry Peter Bunch (City College), Michele Karas (City College), Lisa Martens (City College), Kate Neuman (Hunter College), Grace Gallagher (Hunter College), Jeanne Hodesh (Hunter College), Leila Ortiz (Queens College), Jonathan Larson (Queens College), Mike Fu (Queens College).

Cosponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs; the CUNY MFA Affiliation Group.