About the event

Translators Philip Boehm, Bela Shayevich, and Matvei Yankelevich explore the social and political implications of their craft, and how their latest projects fit into the international literary landscape. Hanna Krall epitomizes Polish reportage in Chasing the King of Hearts, Svetlana Alexievich collects oral histories in Secondhand Time, and Victoria Lomasko utilizes graphic journalism in Other Russias. All three books focus on familiar Eastern European events, but do so from perspectives less considered by American audiences. Although the books still face censorship and often a lack of mainstream attention, English-language translation allows for these works to travel further and wider. In turn, translation changes the global conversation on the 20th and 21st-century histories of this region.

Moderated by professor of comparative literature Charity Scribner, this panel discussion will examine the process, production, and politics of translating contemporary Eastern European women writers.

The event will be introduced by writer and translator Esther Allen.

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Cosponsored by Feminist Press at CUNY, Polish Cultural Institute New York, n+1