About the event

Join the Queens Museum for "Access and Agency" the second in a series of dynamic public programs presented on the occasion of the exhibition Queens International 2018: Volumes to delve deeper into the themes, contexts, and aesthetics that have informed the exhibition. These

Programming on Saturday, December 8th at Queens Museum, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, NY 11368 will include talks, readings, performances, and film screenings that reflect on issues of access, censorship, surveillance, translation, and circulation regarding cultural narratives.

3:00-4:45pm: Queenzenglish International 2018 @ Queens Museum
Join us for a series of readings and performances from the following:
Carla Harryman
Paolo Javier
Kyoo Lee
Maria Lisella
Thurston Moore
Tracie Morris
Eileen Myles
The Urban Mythfits – A Corona Group (Omar Montana, Elijah Kuan Wong, Yeong Ran Kim, Elizabeth Polanco, Jansiel Polanco, Una Chung, Mac Morris, and Patricia Clough)

Focusing on the expressive diversity of the English language in transition, this series of readings and performances is framed around the practice of “mp3,” “poetry, philosophy and performativity” in poetic and prose formats and with diverse rhythms, forms, tactics, dialects, accents and textures. The title “Queenzenglish,” a play on the “Queen’s English,” addresses the different mechanisms of control and creativity within language, questions the dominance of Anglo-American-centered norms, and challenges the idea that knowledge and success are directly related to mastery of the English language. Performing in Queens, where many “Englishes,” along with hundreds of other languages, are in active use, Queenzenglish poets, writers, and musicians examine the transformative potential of linguistic diversity and expressive plurality.

Participant bios can be found here.

Free and open the public. This event takes place at Queens Museum, for more information about this event and other programs, visit their website here.

Co-sponsored by mp3: Poetry, Philosophy, Performativity research team as part of the Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research from the Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY.





Cosmic Myth Fits at "QueensEnglish@QueensMuseum," December 3, 2017.