Omar Berrada is a writer and translator, and the director of Dar al-Ma’mûn, a library and residency center for artists, scholars and translators located in Marrakech. Previously, he curated public programs at the Centre Pompidou, hosted shows on French national radio and ran Tangier’s international book salon. He is editor, with Erik Bullot, of Expanded Translation – A Treason Treatise, a book of verbal and visual betrayals; and, with Yto Barrada, of Album – Cinémathèque de Tanger, a multilingual book about film in Tangier and Tangier on film. In 2016 he edited The Africans, a book about racial dynamics in Morocco, and curated exhibitions in Marrakech and Rotterdam around the work and archive of writer and filmmaker Ahmed Bouanani, who was an early contributor to Souffles.