Marcio Siwi is a Ph.D. candidate at New York University focusing on Latin American History and the history of the U.S. in the world.  His dissertation explores the efforts to transform São Paulo into a modern and cultured city in the years following WWII through a transnational investigation of urbanism, architecture, and cultural production.  He is particularly interested in the intersections between urban development, society, and culture.  In addition to the SSRC-IDRF, Siwi’s research has won funding support from the Rockefeller Archive Center, New York University, The University of Texas at Austin, the Tinker Foundation, and the Mellon Foundation.  Siwi has published in several publications including The Guardian, ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America; SAIS Review of International Affairs and has presented his work at both national and international conferences.  Prior to pursuing his Ph.D., he was the Program Manager of the Brazil Studies Program at Harvard University’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies and a Research Associate at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.  Siwi holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Colorado College and a Master’s in Latin American Studies from The University of Texas at Austin. He is a native of São Paulo, Brazil, a citizen of Mexico, and a U.S. resident.