Dinorah Hudson was born in Manhattan and raised between two homes in the Bronx and Queens. She is a veteran New York City earth and environmental science teacher who has dedicated herself to exploring alternative approaches to preparing students for living in a changing environment. She found the established curriculum, throughout the nation, too often focused on technological, human-centered solutions that further distanced students from the natural world and compounded consumption problems. In 2022, she resigned from her position within the Department of Education and embarked on a new chapter in her professional and academic journey. Last fall, Dinorah began her doctoral work in the Urban Education program. Her research interests are culturally responsive schooling and Black and Indigenous Land-based curricula. She is particularly interested in the concept of “A Part of” Land-based ontologies and epistemologies. She is also a former physical sciences adjunct professor for Westchester Community College and Bronx Community College. She earned an M.A. in Secondary Earth Science Education and a B.S. in Geology from City College, CUNY. When not working on her studies and research, she finds solace in activities like walking, cycling, painting, spending time with her family, and volunteering for NYC parks.

Stepping into the role of Curriculum Coordinator for the Climate Justice Hub team at CUNY, Dinorah aims to leverage her knowledge and experience in community work and environmental science to evolve and adapt climate justice curricula for CUNY faculty and students that align with NYC-EJA members’ goals. Many students who attend CUNY institutions come from communities that have shouldered inequitable environmental burdens. I am genuinely excited about partnering with the NYC-EJA alliance members, helping CUNY faculty, and empowering students to evolve and adapt on-the-ground, place-based pedagogies that promote civic engagement and have the capacity to advance community-led climate solutions.