Axelle Liautaud is a designer of jewelry, fashion accessories, furniture and home accessories, who collaborates with artists and artisans to create unique objects. Her introduction to the art world started early on in her life when she began visiting art galleries and the Centre d'art.

Upon her return to Haiti, she became a close friend of Pierre Monosiet, the director of the Musée d'art Haïtien, who introduced her to emerging forms of art. Since the eighties , she has relentlessly promoted Haitian culture by featuring the works of Haitian artists and artisans in yearly shows in New York, Miami, Montreal, Paris, and Haiti, collaborating with museums in Europe and the USA. She also became close to Francine Murat the director of the Centre d'Art.

When she traveled she visited artist studios, and spent time at Andy Warhol's factory. She was in contact with Jeffrey Lew, one of the driving forces of New York's artistic world in the eighties and nineties. With Virgil young she organized in Haiti the production of sequined art, in partnership with major American artists like Alison Saar, Keith Haring, and others. She participated in the selection of artifacts for "The Sacred Arts Of Vodou" show, organized  by the Fowler museum of UCLA. The show then toured major cities like New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, New York. She was a consultant on the "Lespri Endependan" show at the Frost Museum at FIU In Miami. She was a curator of Haitian art shows at the Musée d'art Naïf in Paris, at the OAS in Washington DC for the "Haitian Lifistyles" show, and at the Bass Museum in Miami for "Allegories of Haitian Art" with the collection of Jonathan Demme. Axelle Liautaud was asked by Francine Murat to seat on the board of the Centre d'art in 1997. She became acting president after the earthquake of 2010 that caused the collapse of the Centre d'art's building, followed by the death of Francine Murat. She has been president of the new board since 2015.