About the event

Muriel Rukeyser is a formidable figure in American poetry, a profoundly influential innovator, theorist, activist and writer whose work, one hundred years after her birth, continues to illuminate the problems of our own time. Join poets and Rukeyser scholars Anne Herzog (Springfield College), Eric Keenaghan (SUNY Albany), Nicole Cooley (CUNY), Jan Heller Levi (CUNY), Ammiel Alcalay (CUNY) and Rowena Kennedy-Epstein (CUNY) for an in-depth conversation about the challenges and revelations found in working on this notoriously difficult author. As a prelude to the Muriel Rukeyeser Centennial, the panel will explore how and why so much of her writing was unpublished or lost, and how new scholarship and recovery of Rukeyser's work is essential to our own moment.