Wheelchair Accessibility

About the event

We will gather in person in The James Gallery. Please register for the event here.

Proof of Covid vaccination or a negative test is required.

As part of the exhibition We Are Beside Ourselves, our Global Majority/BIPOC community is invited to join TRII/Center for Humanities for a facilitated mindful movement experiment with Filipinx artist Kimberly Tate, supported by collaborators Akim Ndlovu (Funk Buddha), Andrew Suseno, Leslie Espinosa, Alexi Tasanaprasert, Anne Tangi, Lovelisa Dizon, Paul Jochico, Melanie Deguzman and others.This gathering will ritualistically activate her DANCITECTURE labyrinth, a site-specific installation Tate has been creating in the gallery over the duration of the exhibition.

This second activation of the labyrinth will center ancestral rememberance practices. We invite participants to bring pictures of their dead loved ones and objects connected to their memory to be placed on a collective altar.Please dress comfortably to allow for a range of movement.

We invite participants to dress comfortably.

A note from the artist:


Here we are, stepping deeper into the shadow of Fall. As we turn inward, trees shed their leaves.
May I invite you into a story-holding and movement process?

Jostled by the rough edges of life,I feel such resistance to what I/we continue to endure. In moments of pause, I take account.My heart feels broken from always being exhausted.

Maybe your heart feels broken too. You may have specific reasons. You may have undefinable reasons,Under so many layers of struggleThat is ours and more than ours…

Could any of this feel lighter, if we came together? Even for a moment, can we soften the rough edges? Can we rest our hearts?

Can we honor and acknowledge what we carry By offering it up in the name of making something beautiful together?

We may carry lifetimes of exhaustion… but also lifetimes of beauty.

To honor past, present and future,I invite you to offer your heartbreak:Disappointments, grief, struggles,Sadness, stress, missed expectationsThe tangles you carry that is yours And that which is not yours…

Moving upon and within a labyrinth together, We can make space for our radiant and replenishing hearts. We can weave our tangles into something beautiful and joyful. And offer it up to something cosmic and greater beyond ourselves.

I hope you can join me.

Love, Kimberly