About the event

The video recording of this event can be found here.

The scholarship and advocacy of Ananda Cohen-Aponte (Ph.D. The Graduate Center, CUNY) examine and expose critical issues in art history as both a humanistic discipline and a profession. Beyond her research on colonial painting from the Andes, which focuses on racial, political, and social questions, she has also published about issues of diversity and inclusion in art history as well as on strategies to cultivate a more decolonial and antiracist field.

Additionally, Cohen-Aponte has accompanied her vigorous scholarly production with pragmatic initiatives meant to positively impact the future of the discipline. For example, her program “Pathways to Art History” introduced students from low-income districts to the field through community engagement, while her #POCarthistory sought to generate a space for solidarity building and resource sharing among art historians of color.

This conversation with Cohen-Aponte will explore her successful practice of both traditional and activist academia, her methodological engagement with critical race studies and decoloniality, as well as her teaching and mentoring practices. In highlighting her trajectory, this event hopes to enlighten strategies to not only discuss but also enact change in humanistic fields of study.

This event is organized by James Gallery Mellon Global Art Fellow María Beatriz H. Carrión and James Gallery Presidential Fellow Lauren Rosenblum and The James Gallery.