About the collection

In her recent blog post, "Queer Histories, Videotape, and the Ethics of Reuse," Rachel Mattson carefully considers several key aspects of the ethics of archiving and distributing recorded histories and events, including the specificity of the media on which they were initially recorded, who does the recording, who is meant to access these recordings, and how to take accountability for the effects that the circulation of this material might have on those recorded. 

This collection brings together recent events that analyze the politics of representation in relation to various recording devices, ranging from police body cameras, citizen recorded video of police brutality, and historic trial recordings to artists cinema, fictional documentaries, and video archives. It also includes further writing on our blog including Alexandra Juhasz and Ted Kerr's conversation about stewardship of AIDS activist archives and Cory Tamler's close reading of a self-annotated copy of Valerie Solanas' SCUM Manifesto.