In looking forward to "Interventions in the Interview, Fugitive Subjects," the artists and organizer of the event would like to share some suggested readings.

These readings include an essay on bad movies; a series of transcripts from the 60-hour performance Doll Closet (a 10-minute excerpt of the documentation of the performance will be shown); and a letter written from Amber Hawk Swanson to the doll that was made in her image, Amber Doll. These readings are not mandatory; however, they might provide additional context for the videos and the discussion.

Selected by Stephen Winter
"Bad Movies," J. Hoberman, 1980

Selected by Amber Hawk Swanson
Doll Closet Statement
Doll Closet Day One
Doll Closet Day Two
Doll Closet Day Three
Doll Closet Day Four
(Doll Closet was closed on Day Five)
Doll Closet Day Six
Doll Closet Day Seven
Doll Closet Day Eight

Selected by Jordan Lord
"A Letter to Amber Doll" by Amber Hawk Swanson, 2012

"In Defence of ‘Shirley and Jason’: A Lovely Incantation of A State We All Can Identify With, The State of Jason" by Alexandra Juhasz, 2015