About this Call for Participation

In an effort to create a stronger network of public humanists across CUNY campuses, the Center for the Humanities at CUNY Graduate Center is creating a publicly shared database of CUNY faculty and staff who have a dedicated practice of public humanities scholarship. Recognizing that there is currently a lack of communication around these shared practices at CUNY, we envision this database as being a platform for scholars to connect and share resources around projects and collaborative opportunities of similar themes, methodologies and areas of study. ​You can self-nominate yourself as well as your colleagues, as the form is not limited to one response. Once we receive submissions we will share the database with everyone who submitted responses.

Public humanities practices can be generally defined as scholarship that extends beyond the classroom to engage with diverse publics. Please see this resource by Humanities For All for their description of the five overarching goals of public humanities work: https://humanitiesforall.org/essays/goals-of-the-publicly-engaged-humanities

Link for submission: https://forms.gle/akf6YDRoXbnywx4L8

If you have any questions, please reach out to: [email protected]