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About this Call for Objects!

On the first floor of The Graduate Center, our newly designed Object Library offers both material objects and books as starting points for knowledge. Somewhere between a traditional library and a sculpture gallery, this new space will display selected objects alongside curated books on core research themes. The visitor will be able to sample scientific knowledge and the latest thinking in the humanities in a relaxed environment with a focus on material culture.

365 Things is the participatory launch project of The Object Library, inviting all-comers to contribute one thing to go on open display. Beginning empty, we ask the Graduate Center, CUNY community and friends to make this first exhibit together in our inaugural Bring-a-Thing-a-Thon event on October 16–17.

You are invited to “show and tell” an object of interest or significance to you, perhaps related to your research, or your personal history, or social experience: one donated object to share on our gridded walls, installed here in the form of calendar months.

DROP OFF, "BRING-A-THING-A-THON": October 16-17, 12-6pm

LAUNCH EVENT: October 16, 6-8pm

ADDRESS: The James Gallery, The Graduate Center, CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue