About the exhibition

The Museum of American Art, Berlin, and The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles, are both concerned with the histories of museums as well as the varieties of paths to knowledge. Exhibiting artifacts that cross disciplines of history, art, anthropology, and literature, the museums inherently question those disciplines: The Museum of American Art's activities engage with specific chapters from the history of modern art, and The Museum of Jurassic Technology holds a specialized repository of relics and artifacts evoking some of the more obscure and poetic aspects of natural history and the history of technology and science. A mix of objects from their collections as well as outside materials present an alternate, ethnographic study of human artistry and ingenuity.

Join us for a reception from 6-8pm on April 4th, following our symposium, Setting as Spatial Strategy.

The day-long conference Exhibit A: Authorship on Display on Monday, April 7, co-sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in Art History is organized in tandem with the exhibition.

A Story of Two Museums: An Ethnographic Exhibition, curated by Walter Benjamin, Katherine Carl & Florence Ostende is organized by the James Gallery at The Graduate Center, CUNY in the framework of ART². ART² is An International Platform on Contemporary Art, presented by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S. in collaboration with the New York presenters Institut français, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and FACE (French American Cultural Exchange). More at frenchculture.org

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