About the working group

Today, what do global cultures and philosophies look like from “other” points of view? What is post-Occidentalism, or what is Orientalism in this age of trans-national techno-capitalism? Focusing on the geo-cultural binary, “East/West” or “Orient/Occident,” which still stagnates most of socio-politically “deconstructive” or “re-territorialized” discourses such as post-colonialism, post-Anglo-Euro-centrism, post-democracy, post-racism, neo-conservatism, neo-Sino-centrism, etc., this seminar aims to foster cutting-edge cross-disciplinary dialogues that re-read and re-create the stories and theories about a world that consists of not only great walls but open gates.

Click here for audio recording of the ReOrientale event "Can the Subaltern Speak? Reflections on the History of an Idea" feautring Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Meena Alexander, Judith Butler, Patricia Clough, Drucilla Cornell, Rosalind Morris, Robert Young, and Kyoo Lee.

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ReOrientale 2.0 

ReOrientale (2010-11) that critically reorients the binarized psycho-geocultural and political imaginary is an early part of the series of Kyoo Lee’s philopoetic work on rereading, rethinking and rewriting the “other,” the most recent reiteration being the public seminar mp3: Poetry, Philosophy, Performativity (2017-19), where the centrality of poetry to her various intersecting projects becomes more apparent; ReOrientale 2.0 is expected to emerge in that sequence as mp3 evolves.