About the working group

What does globalization have to do with refugee protection today? How do narratives and arguments mediate or shape the flows of people across and among borders? These are some questions we'll be asking in the Global Persuasions working group. Using theoretical concepts from contemporary thinkers in rhetoric and transnational studies, this working group will discuss the ways that texts shape global social movement and relationships. Participants will be invited to present at a panel tentatively scheduled at the end of next spring, but this is not required. This is an informal space for participants to discuss light reading in rhetorical theory, comment on texts together, and try out new concepts.

Upcoming meetings:

October 3rd: For our first meeting this semester, we will examine anti-xenophobia campaigns in Sweden. Sweden has resettled a large number of refugees in proportion to its native population, and its campaigns to manage intercultural relationship have taken place at local and national levels. We will use the case of Sweden as a basis for exploring a few new concepts in rhetorical studies. Sample texts will include images, news clips, and a museum exhibition. 6:15-8:15pm in Room 5489.

October 24th: Reading group and project proposal brainstorm session. At this meeting, we will discuss selections from Julietta Hua's Trafficking Women's Human Rights. We will also take some time to collaborate on related project ideas and proposals. 6:15-8:15pm in Room 5489.

December 5th: This meeting will be shaped by the interests and collaborative needs of
the group. We will discuss selections from authors Rebecca Dingo, Wendy Hesford, and Eileen Schell in reference to individual projects. Location TBA.

For those interested in participating, contact Alexis at [email protected]

The group is supported by the Mellon Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research.