About the student project

We The Pupils: A Racial and Social Justice Podcast is a podcast series that documents and facilitates joint attempts to collectively educate ourselves, in and outside school, about racial and social justice, by learning from prominent philosophers and social theorists as well as from anti-racist work ranging across art and activism. Episodes will include student-led interviews of influential scholars and discussions with high school students, instructors, and organizers about their attempts to transform public education, broadly construed, into an anti-racist practice.

This research team’s leader is Teaching Fellow Jules Salomone, Department of Philosophy, Graduate Center, CUNY.

More Info

Much of the series will stem from conversations in introductory Philosophy courses taught at Hunter College, CUNY. These episodes will consist of undergraduate student-led interviews of New York-based philosophers working at the intersections of philosophy of race and social philosophy. During these discussions, the theoretical will meet the personal in ways that seek to illuminate practical aspects of the fight for racial justice. Some topics initiated by student interest to be covered will include:

• Corrective and reparative justice
• Embodying and navigating racial identities
• Ethical issues faced by minority students on their way to their degrees
• School segregation and school desegregation/integration
• Examining how racial prejudices wrongfully undermine minorities in their capacities as possessors, producers and circulators of knowledge

This immersive and collaborative podcast series seeks to constitute a repository of diverse educational practices geared towards racial and social justice that will hopefully call further students and educators to action. The series equally hopes to inspire new approaches to socially and politically minded public philosophy, especially among those who are interested in deepening their engagement with the philosophy of race and critical race theory.

What we do

• Rethink public methodology and social activism in the undergraduate, philosophy classroom
• The production of a podcast as pedagogy, including student-led interviews, hands on learning and framing of important issues and people through a student lens
• Lead podcasting workshops with professional sound specialists at CUNY

Click here to listen to the We the Pupils Podcast.