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About the event

What should the Yiddishland Museum for Modern art be like? What type of a museum project would account for the special conditions of art history in Yiddishland? What should the physical/virtual spaces, curatorial and artistic practices, and exhibition programs of such a museum be? How can an art museum for Yiddishland transcend and upend the borders of nation-states to present the unclaimed and overlooked migrant artists who inhabited multiple nations and languages and who do not fit easily into the national art histories of Eastern European countries from which they were displaced?

This informal roundtable brainstorming session will bring together the participation of art historians, museum professionals, artists, and Yiddish scholars including artist Yevgeniy Fiks; art historian and curator Katherine Carl; literary scholars Marc Caplan, Raphael Koenig; Borscht Belt pop-up museum curator Joanna Lehan; and art and architecture writer Stephen Zacks. Please join us in imagining and posing questions together--this workshop is open for participation for all thinkers and creators.