About the event

The world we inhabit is expanding. Global population growth, increased mobility, rising levels of production and consumption, and the expansion of natural resource extraction have had a significant impact in environmental, social, and psychological terms. What forms of interaction with the material world take account of the fact that there are limits to what we, as humans, might know and control?

World of Matter artists are: Mabe Bethônico, Ursula Biemann, Uwe H. Martin & Frauke Huber, Helge Mooshammer & Peter Mörtenböck, Emily Eliza Scott, Paulo Tavares, Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan.


Cosponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum; The Center for Place, Culture and Politics; the PhD Program in English; Pro Helvetia; Speculative Realism and Accelerationism Seminar in the Humanities.