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About this virtual town hall discussion

As part of the CUNY GC Great Read program for Fall 2022 semester, we invite you to join us with CUNY GC students, staff and faculty to read and explore Grace M. Cho’s acclaimed memoir Tastes Like War, a finalist for the 2021 National Book Award. We will discuss the book’s key themes about heritage and history, intergenerational trauma and mental illness, immigration and racism, and the connective potential of food to explore a mother’s fractured past. This virtual conversation around these themes and the essential questions brought up by the book will be facilitated by distinguished scholars and educators Rose M. Kim, Jean Halley and Prince Cunningham, followed by a town hall style discussion in which students come together to share their thoughts and interpretations of the text to understand it in broader contexts.


For this event, and as part of the #CUNYGCGreatRead ongoing discussion this semester, we will be asking questions inspired by the book for you to bring your own ideas, experiences, and research to explore and think through together. Here are some questions from our facilitators to help guide and frame our interdisciplinary discussion:

Click here for more information about the CUNY GC Great Read program, including programming, and how to get and read a copy of the book, including FREE e-book access for GC community, and ANYONE can use GREATREAD20 for 20% off the print copy of the book Tastes Like War on the Feminist Press website here until 2023.

This event and the CUNY GC Great Read program is organized and presented by the Center for the Humanities, the Feminist Press, and the Center for the Study of Women and Society at the CUNY Graduate Center with support from the GC Library.