About this reading and book celebration

Join our friends Ugly Duckling Presse at their studio party to celebrate 4 new titles and their authors with readings by Alex Cuff, Valerie Hsiung, Fatemeh Shams, and Kendra Sullivan.

Space is limited, so please RSVP here to attend.

Celebrate four new titles with us at the UDP studio:

Common Amnesias by Alex Cuff

Alex Cuff’s first full-length collection, Common Amnesias, moves through the dissolution of adolescent selfhood in the midst of capitalist excess and nuclear family norms, via the territory of dreams, and fallibilities of memory that tether the individual to the common amnesias of our institutions.

The Naif by Valerie Hsiung

The Naif lives in a practiced state of naivety—a language-fasted, resource-starved loop—and it lives as a test: of what awareness, what becoming, what imagination is possible under the scarcest of conditions, conditions that can make it impossible to deceive or beguile (others or oneself).

Hopscotch by Fatemeh Shams, translated by Armen Davoudian

In Hopscotch, Fatemeh Shams crafts a vivid liminal world of Berlin-based poems, a canvas where home and exile blur into an intimate middle ground. Her work, geographically and metaphorically situated between her birthplace in Iran and her current life in exile, evokes a “third space”—a realm of creative liberation and a sanctuary for the play of memories, language, and space.

Reps by Kendra Sullivan

In her first full-length poetry collection, Reps, Kendra Sullivan cycles through a series of operational exercises that gradually enable her to narrate an attempted escape from the trappings of narrativity—plot, character, chronology, and the promise of a probable future issuing forth from a stable past.

Refreshments provided, but a bottle is always welcome!

Capacity is limited.

Saturday, May 11 from 7–11pm

Ugly Duckling Presse
The Old American Can Factory
232 Third Street, #E303
Brooklyn, NY 11215