About the event

The rationale behind our choice of "Trance" for the 2015 English Student Association conference is to help open up the conversation more explicitly to cross-disciplinary, critical and creative methodologies. Similarly, we believe that an engagement with issues related to "Trance" will encourage deeper inquiries into Enlightenment models of knowledge production, rationality, labor, and aesthetics along with larger questions about scholarly methods and approaches to discipline-based research.

Spells, tricks, and questions abound: Is trance out-of-body or emphatically embodied? Is trance inherent to aesthetic experiences? Does trance (d)evolve from boredom or hyper-attention? Is it inherently active or passive? Does trance occasion a rupture in “business-as-usual” or are the predominant forces of media and markets the producers of trance? How does trance act as both a decolonizing and colonizing practice? Attention to trance in academic study demands reconsiderations of the different ways in which modes of (ir)rational experience and altered-consciousness are accessed, coded and perceived.

March 5th, 6-8pm: Opening night Panel Discussion with Kandice Chuh and Susan Buck-Morss in C203/C204.
March 6th, All day: Conference will be on the C-Level.
March 6th, 5-7pm: Keynote lecture by Wayne Koestenbaum is in the Martin E. Segal Theatre.

Detailed presentation information can be found here.

Thursday, March 5th

6:00PM Room C198

Opening Panel Discussion
Susan Buck-Morss (Political Science, CUNY Graduate Center)
Kandice Chuh (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Eric Lott (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Reception to follow

Friday, March 6th

10:00AM - 11:30AM

“The Concept Hurts” & “Sound Performance: Butterfly Crystals,” Room C202
Miriam Atkin (English, CUNY Graduate Center) (with Kurt Ralske and Jonathan Wood Vincent) & Nick Bazzano (Performance Studies, NYU Tisch School of the Arts)

Reading and Writing into the Mystic, Room C203
Jeffrey M. Binder (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Iris Cushing (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
A.W. Strouse (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Amelia Greene (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

The Stakes of Spectatorship, Room C204
LeiLani D. Dowell (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Erin Glass (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Patrick James (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Elizabeth Decker (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

Narrating the Traces of Loss, Room C205
Lynne Beckenstein (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Christine Costello (English, Brooklyn College)
Paul Hebert (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Jake Sanders (English, Brooklyn College)
Aaron Botwick (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

11:35AM - 1:05PM

Marisol Reading, Room C202
Director: Donatella Gallela (Theatre, CUNY Graduate Center)
Dominique Nisperos (Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center), Marisol
Kristin Moriah (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Guardian Angel
Tonya Foster (English, CUNY Graduate Center), June
Colin P. Ashley (Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center), Lenny

Crossing the Body Boundary, Room C203
Seth Auster-Rosen (Asian Religions, Yale Divinity School)

Kate McIntyre and Jessica Hallock (English, Columbia University)
Isaac Overcast (Biology, CUNY Graduate Center / City College)
Jennifer Polish (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

In the Swing of Things: Desire and Seduction, Room C204
Alec Magnet (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Thomas Muzart (French, CUNY Graduate Center)
Anders Wallace (Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center)
Andrew Lucchesi (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

In-Betweens: Suspension and Absorption, Room C205
Laura Eldridge (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Catherine Engh (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Lane Glisson (Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center)
Lauren Bailey (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

1:45PM - 3:15PM
Trance Poetics Workshop with Kristin Prevallet, Room C202

Reaching Out, Looping Back: Methods for Being-With, Room C203
Jason Ciaccio (Comparative Literature, CUNY Graduate Center)
Ryan Tracy (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Maryam Parhizkar (Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center)
Zebulah Baldwin (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

Thinking at the Limits of the Image, Room C204
Seohyon Jung (English, Tufts University)
Alexis Larssen (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Gwendolyn Shaw (Art History, CUNY Graduate Center)
Christina Katopodis (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

Narrating Insight, Room C205
Hilarie Ashton (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Fernando Quigua (Critical Social and Personality Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center)
Jason Nielsen (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Elizabeth Goetz (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

3:20PM - 4:50PM
The Butcher Paper Essay: An Improvisatory Field (Performance Reading), Room C202
Jaime Shearn Coan (English, CUNY Graduate Center)

Writing like a Witch: Experimental Procedures in Trance (Workshop), Room C203
Elizabeth Goetz (English, CUNY Graduate Center)

Spirited Away: Mystical Movement, Room C204
Andrew Aprile (Urban Education, CUNY Graduate Center)
Mariana Goycoechea (French, CUNY Graduate Center)
Bradley Nelson (English, Brooklyn College)
Jason Baumann (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

Politics of Involvement, Room C205
Brad Fox, “The Istanbul Screening”
Kristin Moriah (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Sara Jane Stoner (English, CUNY Graduate Center)
Timothy Griffiths (English, CUNY Graduate Center), Moderator

Keynote: Wayne Koestenbaum, Segal Theatre

Reception to follow in English Department Lounge, Room 4406

Cosponsored by the English Student Association; CLAGS: Center for LGBTQ Studies; the PhD Program in English; Revolutionizing American Studies.