About the event

Five-hour performances of mark-making in dust on the James Gallery ground floor windows along Fifth Avenue will take place nine times over the course of the exhibition. Scaffolding is erected temporarily and moved indoors along the avenue windows at intervals while paid members of the public dust and then mark with their finger on the hazy glass the words of political slogans from the twentieth century taken from the artist’s archive. Over the hours, they perform their contemplative work—sisyphean task of dusting, marking, erasing, and writing again. At times unreadable and jumbled, the recycled phrases remain on display after the performers have left.

Performances will run November 6th through November 7th, 1-6pm each day.

This event is part of the exhibition Maja Bajević: To Be Continued, on view until February 23rd.

A second manifestation of this performance will take place from Tuesday February 5th to Saturday February 9th, 1-6pm each day.