About the event

This event will be held in person, it is free and open to the public. RSVP here.

Location: Prospect Park Peristyle, Parade Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Kayhan Irani brings her deeply reflective and connective performance and storytelling to
create this workshop for interested public and all who engage in education broadly as a source
of curiosity and invigoration. Irani will guide the group to consider their gifts and responsibilities in relation to the communities they come from and carry with them while reflecting on the role and offerings they extend to the communities that they serve. Through collaborative forms of storytelling and performance Irani offers a space for participants to reflect on their past, and locate their gifts in the present, to open channels for (re)sourcing their future work and practice. During the time we spend together, each of us will have opportunities to listen and learn from one another in full group and small group discussions. Irani will also support the group in our process to create guiding metaphors and images, and write creatively. The process makes space and time for imagining new concepts of belonging, (re)sourcing, and vivification that we can live into.

NOTE: Participants will be outdoors and will be seated on the ground. (On cloth)

This workshop organized by the James Gallery is also additionally funded by the City Artist Corps.