About the event

What's in a neighborhood? The Lower East Side Biography Project is a community-based media program which trains individuals in all aspects of DV-video production, and asks them to apply their new skills by creating a biography segment on a long-term resident of the Lower East Side. Fourteen years after it started, the project is more than a compilation of personal stories, but represents an investigation into the heart of a long-standing community, attempting to preserve one of America's most historically, politically, and culturally significant neighborhoods. Join Penny Arcade and Steve Zehentner as they present and discuss clips from several of their twenty-eight minute biographies on luminaries such as Quentin Crisp, Richard Foreman, Judith Malina, Jonas Mekas, Sarah Schulman, and Patti Smith among others.

For more information about the Lower East Side Biography Project, visit their website at: http://stevezehentner.com/lower-east-side-biography-project