About the event

Join scholars, historians, and activists at the Graduate Center for an ongoing conversation about the intersections of pedagogy, poetics, and activism at CUNY. In particular, this panel will map relationships between CUNY’s past and its present in the context of Graduate Center students’ research and teaching at the CUNY colleges. How can we think alongside our students about the kinds of spaces for learning and writing that have been created and challenged by administrators, activist students and faculty? What does teaching the work of CUNY writer-educators such as David Henderson, June Jordan, Audre Lorde, and Adrienne Rich, who were present during key moments of change, open up for us today? This event is motivated by a desire to gather resources and strategies to build on CUNY's legacy of anti-oppressive education, even as it has been and continues to be threatened.

Cosponsored by the PhD Program in English and Twentieth Century Area Studies Group.