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Join Sandra Goldmark (Barnard College Theatre Professor and Director of Sustainability) and Ngozi Okaro (Executive Director of Custom Collaborative), with moderators Eugenia Paulicelli (Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY) and Deepsikha Chatterjee (Hunter College) who will discuss their work of sustainable practices in the cultural industries with a wide range of students from disciplines such as languages, design, fashion, theatre, and the wider public.

Student audiences will come prepared with questions for a project they will design after the event, aiming to widen the pedagogical scope of this discussion on sustainability and inform personal and collective consumption habits. Research and practical knowledge from diverse artists and scholars here will shed light on how sustainability issues work in an intersectional manner, across categories of discipline, race, gender, aesthetics and will become key areas for future engagement. Stepping beyond the simplistic concept of sustainability, the speakers will show tried and tested models as good examples.

This panel is organized in conjunction with classes taught at the CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College and will be open to the wider CUNY community and general public to raise awareness about sustainable practices within educational institutions, in personal consumption, in creative practice, and investigate methods for further research and scholarship.

Sponsored by The Center for the Humanities, The Women's and Gender Studies, MALS-Fashion Studies, The Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance, and Transformative Learning in the Humanities at The Graduate Center, CUNY.