About the event

As Mexico becomes Central America's global frontier—a transit threshold for thousands of migrants travelling north—human rights workers at all policy levels throughout Central America, Mexico, and the United States warn of an impending and unprecedented humanitarian crisis. How can this crisis be recognized and made visible through the humanities and humanitarian work? This three-day conference will bring together artists and immigrant rights groups, civic leaders, top policy advisors, families of disappeared migrants, scholars and journalists from Central America, Mexico and the US, to compare experiences, research and ideas. Events at the Graduate Center on October 5th include a documentary film premiere, a workshop on migrant art and graffiti, and several panels on the vulnerabilities of migrants as they trasit through Centeral America's global frontier.

Schedule for October 5th at CUNY Graduate Center:

11am to 1pm – The Right to Truth and Immigrant Justice Room 6304.01

Click here to watch the Right to Truth and Immigrant Justice panel.

2pm to 4pm – Workshop: Migrant Art in Graffiti Room 5414

4:30pm to 6.30pm – Vulnerabilities and Human Rights in the Mexican Border and Beyond Room 6304.01

Click here to watch the Vulnerabilities and Human Rights in the Mexican Border panel.

7.00pm to 9:30pm – Documentary Film: “Entre Serpientes y Escaleras– Missing people” Proshansky Auditorium

Click here to watch the Entre Serpientes y Escaleras - Missing People panel.

For a more detailed schedule, please click here.
http://www.asuntosdelsur.org/ a Global Think Tank dedicated to Latin American affairs.

Photo: Regina José Galindo, No perdemos nada con nacer (We don't lose anything by being born), 2000

Co-sponsored by the Association of Latin American and Latino students at the Graduate Center, CUNY, (In)equality Matters, Advanced Research Collaborative