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Join Ira Shor for a conversation on critical pedagogy and the corporate war on public education as part of the Extra-Institutional Seminar in the Humanities. Shor contends that public education is under assault: corporate logic--top-down control, standardization, and numeric assessment--is sucking the air out of mass schooling at all levels. Against airless schooling, critical pedagogy insists that no classroom can be managed from the outside or defended from the inside. Critical learning situates students in their histories, places, and times, inviting them to question the status quo in the name of democracy, equality, ecology, and peace. Teaching for the 99% means offering a participatory process based in student themes and conditions to form active citizens with critical habits of mind. How should we practice this kind of teaching? Join Shor as he explores these questions and more.

“What is Critical Pedagogy Good For?" An Interview with Ira Shor
An interview with Ira Shor.pdf

Ira Shor. "War, Lies, and Pedagogy: Teaching in Fearful Times" From RADICAL TEACHER magazine, 2007

Wars, Lies, and Pedagogy-Teaching in Fearful Times.pdf