About the event

This panel discussion between a choreographer, Arkadi Zaides, dramaturg and performance scholar, Eda Cufer, psychoanalyst, Aleksandra Wagner, Middle East scholar, Deen Sharp, and curator, Katherine Carl will explore bodily gesture and the questions of self-sovereignty in the spatial and temporal territory of the archive. If violence is latent in every body, how are meanings of violence translated through everyday gestures and how is this shaped by the contexts of territory, history, and culture? In the exhibition on view in the James Gallery, how does Arkadi Zaides’ re-performance of gestures from footage from human right archives focus atten­tion on gestural language of violence and particularly its impact on the perpetrator? How does over-identification with a domi­nant structure through performance open productive critical perspectives? What is the common ground of visual representa­tions and embodied practices like dance in the practice of archiving?

Arkadi Zaides’ ARCHIVE (the live counterpart to Capture Practice) will be presented from February 9-10, 2016 at 7:30pm as part of New York Live Arts' Live Ideas Festival: MENA/Future. http://www.newyorklivearts.org/event/arkadi_zaides.

This event is presented as part of Social Choreography, an interdisciplinary research group devoted to intersections between art movements and social movements. The group is supported by the Mellon Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research. For more information or to join, email [email protected].

Cosponsored by Social Choreography Mellon Seminar in Public Engagement and Collaborative Research in the Humanities; Earth and Environmental Sciences & Environmental Psychology Programs; The Middle East and Middle East American Center at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and supported in part by Artis Foundation for Contemporary Art.