About the event

Immanuel Kant’s strict distinctions between beauty and purpose of objects have undergone many heated discussions in 20th-century art. It is time to reassess his delineations and consider anew their applications to contemporary culture. For instance, how can the connections between Kant and important Marxist concepts such as totality, dialectics, mediation and production be traced and discussed in relation to contemporary art, digital technology, and social art practices that are continually interested in immersive methods and experiences? Join writer and theorist Stephen Wright, author of Toward a Lexicon of Usership, and Michael Wayne, author of Red Kant: Aesthetics, Marxism, and the Third Critique, in a conversation with artist and writer Gregory Sholette about art, aesthetics, and politics.

Read Chapter One of Mike Wayne's Red Kant: Aesthetics, Marxism and the Third Critique here.

See the trailer for The Condition of the Working Class, a feature length documentary film directed by Mike Wayne and Deirdre O'Neill here.

This event is presented as part of Social Choreography, an interdisciplinary research group devoted to intersections between art movements and social movements. The group is supported by the Mellon Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research. For more information or to join, email [email protected].

Cosponsored by the Social Choreography Mellon Seminar in Public Engagement and Collaborative Research.