About the event

Starting at 4pm each day

In cooperation with Martin E. Segal Theatre’s 2014 Prelude performance festival, the James Gallery will present Resource Room, a project by artist Chloe Bass. Over the three days of ongoing performance an archive will be built around the meanings of the term “resource room.” As well as a new way to engage with “resources” of images and nature in relation to the World of Matter exhibition, the project will reflect on the uses for resource rooms historically as a site for remedial education and also for intelligence reprogramming strategies during the Cold War era. Bass will formulate a space that holds the social fabric of the Prelude performance festival, allowing the audience to move in and out of the gallery between other performances.

The project also includes Aisha Cousins’s Learn/Unlearn vs I Heart Cops; a conversation Care’s Hiding Place at 7:30pm on Thursday; and Nathaniel Sullivan’s lecture entitled Jamie Dimon: Before the Nation Went Bankrupt at 6:15pm on Friday.

Cosponsored by Martin E. Segal Theatre