About the event

Tina Satter’s new play-in-progress takes text from real letters of Anton Chekhov’s, varying translations of The Seagull, and sorta-biographical facts from the earliest productions of the play in Russia to consider anew what makes the human heart really beat, why we ever try to say something out loud, and how to take care of stuffed animals. With her performers and collaborators, Satter deconstructs the texts to stage a personal and unexpected piece ultimately about performing, failure, and making something with people you could love. Just like Chekhov wanted. With a Russian folk metal-influenced score. Written and Directed by Tina Satter; Performed by Eliza Bent, Becca Blackwell, Emily Emily Davis, Julia Sirna-Frest, and Susie Sokol; Sound and Music by Chris Giarmo & Bobby McElver; Lights by Zack Tinkelman; Set & Design Elements by Andreea Mincic.