About the event

Three artists each combine two dominant themes of Prelude, Repurposing and We Present a Presentation, in readings of their work.

Robs by Robert Fitterman

Robert Fitterman's spins together in a Colin Powell-like Power Point presentation a number of his poetic works, highlighting repurposed language from the web in the process.

Adam Pendleton's "Black Dada Manifsto" by Will Holder

Will Holder presents one of an ongoing series of publications dedicated to single mothers, taking as its subject the duality of production & reproduction, him & her, publisher & author, text & body, writing & life, voice & typesetting.

Dick's Jokes by Donelle Woolford

Donelle Woolford will re-enact, word for word and gesture for gesture, a classic comedy routine by Richard Pryor. Because, if your going to go in a new direction but choose a path that's already been covered, then why not cover the best?