Tenants & Neighbors is a grassroots tenants’ organization that builds tenant power to preserve at-risk affordable housing, and to strengthen tenants' rights at the local, state, and national level. Through tenant organizing, education, leadership development, and grassroots mobilization, Tenants & Neighbors is building a strong, unified tenant movement with the knowledge and power to protect tenants and preserve affordable housing.

Tenants & Neighbors was founded in 1974 to fight for low and moderate income tenants throughout the State of New York. Since then, they have been successful in helping to preserve thousands of units of affordable housing and been instrumental in strengthening tenants’ rights at the city, state, and federal level. They believe that low and moderate income people should not have to live on the verge of displacement or have to constantly defend their right to be part of this city. Instead, they envision a New York that is home to people from all social and economic backgrounds, a place where everyone can put down roots and build strong, stable, and dynamic communities.


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