Tanya Linn Albrigtsen-Frable --aka Mensen-- is an artist, writer and facilitator. Her public practice is rooted in muralism, illustration and poetry. She utilizes participatory storytelling and design to collaborate with groups working on campaigns, memory-keeping and collective healing and liberation. Her interdisciplinary personal practice explores social relationships, power and vulnerability, the dystopian present and working-class visual language. Tanya has worked in the non-profit, media, arts and direct service sectors, and within local and transnational grassroots initiatives serving working class and poor communities.  

Some of her achievements include murals recognized by the City of New York and the US Consulate in Mexico, the creation of a national storytelling project to preserve and amplify 150+ conversations between people impacted by mass incarceration, writing a poem to working-class girls that went internationally viral and founding an intersectional feminist arts and cultural organizing collective.  

Mensen believes everyone is inherently creative, art is about ideas, and that making is a form of alchemy.  She is a proud daughter of her Norwegian immigrant mother.