Stanley H. Barkan is the publisher of Cross-Cultural Communications and the editor of the Cross-Cultural Review Series of World Literature and Art, that has, to date, produced some 400 titles in 57 different languages. His own poetry has been translated into 25 different languages, and he is the author of 18 original poetry collections, several of which are bilingual. These include Under the Apple Tree / Pod jabłonią (Polish), Bubbemeises & Babbaluci (Italian), Naming the Birds / Назоваване на птиците (Bulgarian), Crossings / Поэзия (Russian), Raisins with Almonds / Pássuli cu ménnuli (Sicilian),  and  Sailing the Yangtze / 漂流长江 (Chinese). He was New York City’s 1991 Poetry Teacher of the Year (awarded by Poets House and the Board of Education) and the 1996 winner of the Poor Richard’s Award, “The Best of the Small Presses” (awarded by the Small Press Center), for “25 years of high quality publishing.” Recent honors include “The Paterson Literary Review Award (PLR) for Lifetime Service to Literature” (2011) and the European Poetry & Art Homer Medal (2016).  A long-time friend of Gregory & Clementine, Barkan published Gregory’s only book of original poetry, A Cloudy Day in Gray Minor (1992), and his first book of translation of poetry, The Girl from Ipanema by Vinícius de Moraes (Portuguese-English, 1989), as well as two original poetry books by Clementine—Pollock’s Polka (2004) & Summer II (1999)—and one translation, Canticle for a Memory by Francisco Arriví (Spanish-English, 1993).