Sislej Xhafa in Pejë, Kosova.Sislej Xhafa lives and works in New York. He is known for his artistic investigation into the social, economic and political realities associated with the various complexities of modern society.

Xhafa has over the years highlighted his artistic work on economic and social themes, political realities, as they interactьwith the protean variety of modern society. His investigations, for example,into phenomena of tourism or forced illegality use a minimal language and they are at the same time ironic and subversive, practicing indifferently a wide range of media, from sculpture to drawing, from performance to photography.

In March 2022, Sislej Xhafa was appointed Honor Academician of ACCADEMIA DI BELLE ARTI DI FIRENZE.

In 2022, Xhafa founded ARKIV, the Institute of Contemporary Art, in Pejë, Kosovo. A public, non-profit NGO located at the current public school 'Vaso Pash Shkodrani', ARKIV was inaugurated in July 2022 with a personal exhibition of artist Artan Hajrullahu.