Sherry Millner and Ernie Larsen are the anarchist co-creators of the interventionist video project State of Emergency, collaborating with more than 15 artists in a silent shout-out against U.S. invasions of the Middle East and the global plague of neo-liberal ideology. Together they have also produced several situation-ist films, including the new video, Partial Critique of Separation, two anti-documentaries redefining crime, and a series of semi-autobiographical videos focusing on the authoritarian structures indispensable to capital. Millner is also an installation artist and photomonteur; Larsen a novelist and media critic. In 2008 at the Oberhausen Film Festival they co-curated Border-Crossers and Trouble-Makers, 10-programs that aimed to rewrite the conventional history of experimental political media, which they followed up in 2009 with How to Reclaim the Future in Five Easy Lessons, at the Subversive Film Festival in Zagreb. They are currently co-curating the Fall Flaherty Foundation in New York City series at Anthology Film Archives. Their photo-text projects on Vietnam and on Greece have been published online and in print.