Serge Gruzinski is a professor at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), Paris. His current research focuses on the relationship between the global and the local. Gruzinski is working on two projects: “New World and the birth of a global conscience: a reading of José de Acosta,” about defining the meanings of “thinking global” in the Catholic Monarchy; and “Asia and the New World in Early Modern Times.” He is the author of some of the most influential books on early modern Latin America, and most recently on the concept of global history, including: Les Quatre parties du monde. Histoire d’une mondialisation (2004); Quelle heure est-il là-bas ? Amérique et islam à l’orée des temps modernes (2008); and L’Aigle et le Dragon. Démesure européenne et mondialisation au XVIe siècle (2012).